Measles Outbreak National Incident Declared

The UK is seeing a significant outbreak of measles. The UK Health Security Agency, which is part of the UK Government, has declared a national incident. You can read about the outbreak here: Two vaccinations are needed to fully protect you against Measles, mumps and Rubella. Measles is a highly contagious disease which is

Access Update

In response to patient feedback for improving the patient journey and experience, we are expanding the variety of methods that patients can consult with our clinicians.

The key change is that routine appointments will revert to ‘week in advance’ instead of the current ‘on the day’.  Patients can call on Monday to book the following Monday, Tuesday for the following Tuesday and so on.

We will be increasing routine appointments made available online at 7pm and, in changing routine appointments to bookable a week ahead we will be able to increase the variety of times as well.

Our urgent line will continue to open at 8am, and we encourage patients and those calling on their behalf to call as early as possible.  We will continue to re-open our urgent line at 2pm and the routine line at 10am.We hope that these changes will be seen as a positive step in providing access to our patients, and we will continue to listen and make further changes where possible in the future.