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Sexual Health

This page is designed to help patients with their sexual health questions and sign post them to services that are available within the city. Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases in Portsmouth are extremely prevalent in the community:

2020 – 1,410 new diagnoses of Chlamydia were found in Portsmouth (657 cases per 100,000 individuals). This statistic at the time made portsmouth not only the worst spot in the county but also in the whole south east region.

2020 = Portsmouth has the 20th highest rate of sexally transmitted infections/diseases which include chlamydia, gonorrheoa, syphilis and herpes.

STI Diagnoses in Portsmouth per 100,000 people:

  • Gonorrhoea – 96
  • Genital Warts – 75
  • Herpes – 52.6
  • Syphilis – 14.4

These statistics alone prove, why safe sex is so important within the community. This was echoed by Helen Atkinson, the director of public health at Portsmouth City Council stating:

“Some STIs do not show symptoms, or may not have symptoms for a long time, delaying a diagnosis or treatment can cause complications to your overall health.

Talk to your sexual partner about what form of contraception you want to use and be prepared. The only contraception that helps prevent STIs are barrier forms, such as condoms.

Get tested regularly, and when you have a new sexual partner, and make sure you take up treatment when advised to protect yourself and others from contracting STIs.”

Please see a number of resources that will help relating to Sexual Health: