Measles Outbreak National Incident Declared

The UK is seeing a significant outbreak of measles. The UK Health Security Agency, which is part of the UK Government, has declared a national incident. You can read about the outbreak here: Two vaccinations are needed to fully protect you against Measles, mumps and Rubella. Measles is a highly contagious disease which is

Vaccination Data Resolution Service (VDRS)

The VDRS can currently assist with missing or incorrect vaccination records for people registered with a GP practice in England and vaccinated in England, Scotland or Wales.

What can the VDRS not help with?

The VDRS team is working on solutions to other issues people might experience with their vaccine records.

For now, some examples of cases in which the service cannot currently help include:

  • Cases where the person’s name or address is recorded incorrectly
  • Vaccinations given outside of England, Scotland or Wales
  • Cases of non-MHRA-approved vaccines (the service cannot help with vaccines other than Oxford/AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Pfizer (Comirnaty), Moderna (Spikevax), and Janssen)
  • People who cannot evidence when and where they received their vaccination(s)
  • Vaccine trial participants.

How can individuals access VDRS?

  • Guidance on how individuals can access VDRS can be found via this link:
  • The VDRS can also be contacted by calling 119, selecting option 1 (‘England’) and then option 4 (‘To report an issue with your vaccination record’).
  • The call agents will take some details from the individual and make an electronic referral into the VDRS service.
  • The VDRS team will aim to contact the individual within 21 days.
  • The number they will call the individual from is 01869 817119 (this is not a number that individuals can call into).
  • They will make three attempts to contact the individual.
  • If the VDRS team are unsuccessful in contacting the individual, they will need to call 119 and make a new referral.
  • The individual’s previous call will be closed after the three attempts to contact them.

How long will it take the VDRS to contact individuals?

The VDRS team aims to contact individuals within 21 days of referral.

How do citizens make a complaint about the VDRS

Complaints about the VDRS should be directed to the NHS England Complaints team at [email protected] or by post to:
NHS England
PO Box 16738
B97 9PT

What should individuals do if their vaccination record is correct and still can’t access their NHS COVID Pass?

If an individual’s vaccination record is correct but they still cannot access their NHS COVID Pass, they should call 119 and choose the NHS COVID Pass option to access support.

What should individuals do if they’re having problems with accessing the NHS App?

If an individual is having a problem specifically with the NHS App, as opposed to a vaccination data record problem, please contact the NHS App team at