Measles Outbreak National Incident Declared

The UK is seeing a significant outbreak of measles. The UK Health Security Agency, which is part of the UK Government, has declared a national incident. You can read about the outbreak here: Two vaccinations are needed to fully protect you against Measles, mumps and Rubella. Measles is a highly contagious disease which is

Gender Reassignment – Registration FAQ

If you change your gender, a new medical record needs to be created to reflect this along with some other changes to your registration. We have written some frequently asked questions in our FAQ below regarding this.

  • What happens to my NHS number, do I get a new one? 

Your old NHS number will be deactivated by the Primary Care Support England (PCSE) and will be deducted from our system. PCSE will then allocate a new NHS number to you. Although we will be able to still search for your old NHS number on our system, the record will state the NHS number is invalid and should not be used. You old NHS number will also be deducted from our system and we will begin using your new NHS number.

  • What happens to medically relevant data on my old NHS record? Is it included in my new record?

Medically relevant information from your old record is transferred to your new record. We are unable to remove any medically relevant information from your record even if it is related to your previous gender or your change in gender. For example, if a male patient requires a cervical smear, we need to have this recorded on their new NHS number to ensure that the patient still receives the care they are eligible for. If there is any specific information on your record that you feel is unnecessary, please write into the surgery and we can have a doctor review these codes and make sure your care will not be affected by their removal.

  • Were all details relating to my previous name changed and all mentions of my old gender and change of gender redacted during the transfer of my records?

All mentions of your previous name, gender, NHS number and pronouns will be redacted from your new record. Your record is exclusively online so there are no additional paper notes that required redaction. Any new documents that are received that mention your gender change or previous NHS number will be redacted before they are added to your record.

You new NHS number is separate to your previous NHS number which has been invalidated on the NHS Spine. All information from your previous record will be manually transferred to your new record and then uploaded to your new Summary Care Record on the NHS Spine.

  • Do  I need a new NHS App login?

Yes, once you have your new NHS number you will need to sign up again.